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Story of Coco Reaper

Many has asked from me, where this little weird name come from.
This story is unusual, so now is good time to tell everybody why I gave this name and what is behind that name.

Story begins from season 2013, but before that, I skip to season 2014 start.
Season 2014 started like any other by the regular chiles. Exception to normal routines was growing substrate test what I planned to do. I got about 1000 of Aji Fantasys seeds to reserved to this test. Soon I got huge germination problem in my hands and I have to figure out back up plan. So, I hit also about 1000 of CAP 502 seeds to germinate. Days go, but nothing wasn’t happen even with these seeds. This moment I realize bring temperature meter next to my seeds. Really fast I understand what was wrong. Germinating environment was too warm what prevent seeds to geminate.


Finally when I understand what was wrong, I sow all seeds to peat. Long soaked seeds germinated fast and finally I got tiny seedlings to my substrate test. Because Aji Fantasys germinated finally, I didn’t need CAP 502 back up seeds.


So, I got plenty tiny seedling and nothing to do to those. Then I got three coconut shell. Those was from died coconut tree. From those coconuts has grow coconut tree. I don’t actually know has those coconut germinated or is that coconut tree putted to grow that coconut. It was really funny houseplant, but like I say, those was dead when I get coconuts. I cut and tear all coconut roots and stems out of coconut. I put little amount peat to in coconut, but not even half of fist. Then I plant seedlings to in the coconuts.


I was amazed, because chiles not died even those was in really weird growing place. I really not mean to grow in these, this was only funny joke. My greenhouse season start and I move also these in there with all other chiles. Growing was first really slow, but about week in greenhouse make miracles and seedlings start grow.












Quite soon after this one seedlings accidentally went cut. I still exist 2 healthy plants in coconut. Those grow, but really slow. I gave same nutrient water what I give also to my other chiles. These not need any extra care and these always forgotten without care. I wake up to nurse them, when they wilting. Second plant grow, but another stays in same size. Later I throw smaller to compost. So I continue my summer with only one coconut.

20140704_164144 20140619_204123

Almost end of July, I notices many flowers and flower buds in my coconut chili. Flowers was almost same kind what was in my couple others CAP 502 what I grow in peat. Almost, because this has almost double sized flowers. I pollinate by hand all flowers, because it will be really awesome thing if this plant come pods.




Suddenly end of September I found nice size pods. Even this plant was small, it grow nice amount pods. About 2 weeks later almost all pods has ripened and got really beautiful red colour. When I eye coconut chili’s pods, I noticed how big those was when compare to my other CAP 502’s pods. Pods was doubled bigger. I wonder what can do this and this moment I think that coconut has been really good growing platform to this chili.







I got pods from my funny joke, I thinked. Nice! One night I was warming greenhouse and keep fire in stove. I sit and wait that I can put more wood in stove and leave for a while from greenhouse. Then I saw this coconut chili and faster than I think, I chew one pod in my mouth. I taste really good, even better than orginal CAP 502. It not has much heat, only few. And that was there or was it..
…20 minutes later my stomach start hurt. It hurt quite much. I lay down, but it not helped any my situation. Soon I have very awful feeling. First time I feel that I have to get rid of this. I go to toilet and vomit really fast. Pain stop immediately and I feel much better. What a experiment! After that I know that can’t be pure CAP 502.

After pod harvesting I sliced couple pods and see how different that coconut chili’s pod was compared to normal CAP 502 pod. Pods was oily inside and placentas was wide and red like Carolina reaper.




Now we have to go back to season 2013.
I grow CAP 502 (C. Frutescens) and Carolina Reaper (C. Chinense) back in my greenhouse. There was also couple rocotos. But like we know, C. Pubescens not cross direct with C. Frutescens. so that Carolina Reaper has to be second part of this. Bushes grow really closely and I got there much bees and other pollinators. There has to be happen cross pollination between these two. All CAP 502 seed was from CAP 502, but obviously coconut chili is not pure CAP 502. There is many thing what refer to Carolina Reaper what was next to this Frutescens. I can’t be 100% sure about father, but there wasn’t any other what suits better to this than reaper.


IMG_6535 IMG_6427

My opinion is that, coconut chili is crossed from CAP 502 and Carolina Reaper. If it not from this, it’s got somewhere really oily essence what is typical for super hot varieties. When we think how this story goes, it’s really miracle. There has to be only one crossed pod. It contain about twenty seeds. I sow, about 1000. I pick 8 seedlings and put 3 to coconut. 1 coconut chili survive to end and give really different pods. Really lucky case, I say.
I collected some seeds and named this at Coco Reaper. It tell two main things from this story.

My Coco Reaper F1 is still good condition and got flower buds. I can’t wait next harvesting! :)



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  1. Jukka, I wish you and your chilibuddy good luck growing your CocoReaper F2. Its so exciting what you get. Hope you'll post a lot from it :D
    Regards Rebecca Toubøl

  2. Mirka tasted Chilinoid's grown Coco Reaper F2 pod. Actually 2 of those.


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